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Home Systems

Describe the major home systems (such as heat, air, electrical, plumbing, roofing and structural) and their critical components

Give Recommendations

Describe the defects and give recommendations for solutions and repairs

Specialist Needed

Point to areas where a specialist (e.g., termite inspector or electrician) may be required for a follow-up evaluation and repair

Systems Operation

Tell you how major systems operate functionally (e.g., is the house warm enough; is air pushing through vents; and do the lights turn on when you flip a switch?)

What to Expect from a Home Inspection

The home inspection industry has recently made some dramatic improvements to better meet consumer expectations. The economic and legal changes in the real estate market demanded that home inspections step up to provide more thorough information to better protect homebuyers.

These days, you can expect home inspectors to provide you with a checklist, photos and a narrative report detailing the findings and implications of the inspection report.

Why choose Peter Young?

25 years’ experience in general contracting and residential remodeling
Acute attention to detail
Exceptional customer service (fast, friendly, reliable)
Licensed and insured with Errors, Omissions and Liability Insurance
Excellent communication skills and easy-to-read reports

Peter Young has the experience and attention to detail that make him one of the most comprehensive home inspectors in Western North Carolina.

Thank you for the professional and comprehensive home inspections you provided us during our home search. I was pleased to hear some of the positive feedback on Courtland Place that you had. Your inspection will help us to prioritize our projects as we move forward in the process. Kind regards, Bonnie Benetato


April 2016

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