Give your home a yearly check-up

to find and diagnose any maintenance issues before they become a larger problem.


Let us open the panel box and look for new scorch marks around breakers or fuses.


We will look for signs of leaks in all exposed pipes, and in areas where pipes run through the walls or foundation.


Let us look for overall deterioration, rust, loose parts, and other signs of a failing system.


We will examine joists and rafters for structural damage.

When buying a home, most people have the home inspected by a Certified Home Inspector.  Peter Young Home Inspections Maintenance Plans are designed to find and diagnose any maintenance issues before they become a larger problem. Just like regular oil changes for your car to keep your engine running strong, keeping up with yearly home inspections will keep your home in good shape.

A talented home inspector like Peter Young explains your inspection to you and answers any questions you have. You are welcome to be present while Peter conducts your home inspection. He leaves time at the end to go over his findings with you, hitting the highlights (and lowlights, if there are any).

Keep your house in Tip-Top Shape!

Enjoyed meeting you and your good work!


August 2016

Peter did a great job. He was thorough and professional. I would recommend him to all my friends.


July 2016

Thanks once again for your help.


March 2016

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Talk with Peter Young about our Home Inspection Maintenance Plans. Your home will love you for it!